Početna     D140 Snom IP telefon
D140 Snom IP telefon

D140 Snom IP telefon

2.8" TFT LCD

Colour: slate gray
2 SIP identities

Šifra artikla: D140

D140 Snom IP telefon

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Product information:
Colour: slate gray
Operating system: Linux
Placement: indoor, desktop, wall mounting

TFT liquid crystal display (LCD), graphical, grayscale, backlit
Size (diagonal): 2.8″ (67 mm)
Size (W × H): 59 mm × 33 mm
Resolution: 320 × 240 pixel

Keypad and function keys:
36 hard keys in total
12 keys (standard ITU telephone keypad)
4 context-sensitive function keys
5-way navigation key
2 SmartLabel keys (with multicolour LED)
5 dedicated audio keys
6 dedicated function keys

Directory support and call features:
2 SIP identities / accounts
Directory support
LDAP (server-based directory)
Local directory with up to 1,000 entries

Outgoing call features
Speed dialling via function keys
URL dialling
Local dial plan
Redial (via dialed calls list)
Automatic redial on busy

Caller identification (CLIP)
Calling Line Identification Restriction (CLIR)
Call completion (busy/unreachable)2

Multicast paging
Incoming call features
Call waiting/swapping
Call barring/blocking:
deny list,
anonymous calls,

Do Not Disturb (DND) mode
Auto answer
Call diversion
Connected call features
Mute microphone

Related features
Call history lists of missed, received, dialed, rejected, and deflected calls